Do You Love Me? John 21:15-25 * Wed. 6-28-17


John 21:15-25


I.      Unfinished Business (vs. 15-17)

a. Breakfast being ended what was the whole first question Jesus asks Peter? _____________________________________________________________

How is this significant? _____________________________________________

b. What was Peter’s response? ________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

c. How many times does Jesus ask Peter, “Do you love Me” and what is the significance? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

d. Each time Peter responds what does Jesus ask Peter to do? __________________ ______________________________________________________________


II.  Proof of Love (vs. 18-19)

a. Prophetically, Jesus tells Peter how things will change for him.  Does Jesus description of Peter ‘when he was younger’ fit what we know about Peter? __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

b. In contrast, what will happen with Peter ‘when he is old?’ _______________________________________________________________________________

c. Church tradition passes down that Peter was crucified and because he did not feel worthy to die the same way his Lord died was crucified upside down.  Was this what Jesus meant in verse 19? ______________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

d. Restored in relationship and calling what simple exhortation does Jesus give Peter in vs. 19? _______________________________________________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________________


III. Focus (vs. 20-25)

a. How long does it take for Peter to lose focus? ______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

            b. Does Jesus say that ‘John’ would not see death? _____________________________________________


            c. What does Jesus say to Peter to remind him what he needs to do? ____________________________


            d. If all that Jesus did was recorded how many volumes would it take

            to record it all? _____________________________________________________________________


IV.  Application:   There are times like Peter we stand exposed before the Lord and He tests the sincerity of our love.  We may feel like the Lord is harsh or uncaring but in His great love for us He will not leave necessary things unfinished.  The simple summary of this passage may look like this: If you love Me…Follow Me!  Do you love Him? __________ Are you following Him? __________________________________________________________________________


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