Do Not Worry ~ Luke 12:22-34 (3-22-2018)

Luke 12:22-34

I.    Consider the Ravens (vs. 22-24)
a. What does the Lord tell His disciples not to worry about? _______ _______________________________________________________
b. Why are we to not worry about food and clothing? ____________ ________________________________________________________ 
c. What example does Jesus offer for consideration and what is His point? ___________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 

II.    Consider the Lilies (vs. 25-28)
a.    A cubit was the distance from the elbow to the finger tips (about 18”)

Has anyone worried themselves taller by 18?” ___________________ 
b.    According to Jesus how difficult a thing is this for God? __________  _________________________________________________________   
c. Because we can’t accomplish this by worry what should we do instead? _________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________
d. What is His example in verse 27-28 and what is the point? ________ _________________________________________________________

III.    Seek the Kingdom of God (vs. 29-34)
a. How does verse 29 compare to Philippians 3:6-7? ______________ 
b. In contrast to God’s people who does Jesus state seeks after these

material things?  ___________________________________________
c. What is the point that God knows you need these (food & clothing)? ________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________
d. So if we are not to “seek” food and clothing and worry about them…

what are we to seek? ________________________________
e. What is it God’s pleasure to give to His children? _____________
f. What is the meaning of verse 34? ___________________________

IV.    Application:  If what we treasure is where our heart spends its

time and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks can we

tell what a person treasures by what he talks about most? __________
What should we talk about most? ______________________________


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