Do Not Trust In These Lying Words ~ Jeremiah 7:1-34

I.  Hear The Word of The Lord (vs. 1-10)

a. Whose specific word is Jeremiah speaking? what is the consistent message?  

b. What do you think is the significance of verse 4 and for what reason was it “lying words?”

c. What does the Lord promise even here if the people will repent and do right (vs. 5-7)?

d. What was the hypocrisy of Judah in this day?

II. I Will Cast You Out of My Sight (vs. 11-27)

a. According to 2 chronicle 7:12-22 what was the temple supposed to be and is God consistent in what He promised His people then?

b. Where else do we see the temple referred to as a den of thieves and Who says it? (Mt. 21:13)

c. In the days of Samuel before the temple was built the Ark of the Covenant was in Shiloh where Eli was priest.  1 Samuel 4 reveals the corrupted nature of Israel, her priests (Eli, Hophni, and Phinehas) and God’s judgment for their sin.  How does that relate to Judah here?

d. How do verses 17-18 explain the admonition in verse 16 to not even pray for this people and “I will not hear you?”

e. The Lord has patiently appealed for obedience will Judah now listen to Jeremiah?       

III. The Children of Judah Have Done Evil  (vs. 28-34)

a. Jeremiah’s words shift from appeal to a pronouncement of judgment contrast vs. 1-3 with 28-34.  What drives this change in tone?

b. What two great evils are mentioned in this passage (vs. 30-31)?

c. What “days are coming?”

IV. Application:  Given the cyclic nature of Israel’s (and us) obedience being blessed…them forgetting God…rebellion and sinfulness…oppression and brokenness…repentance…obedience.  What should we learn from this?

  February 2020