Do Not Dinimish A Word ~ Jeremiah 26:1-24




I.Perhaps Everyone Will Listen and Turn (vs. 1-7)

a. What was Jeremiah once again instructed to do?

b. Why do you think He emphasizes, “Do not diminish a word?”

           c. Is there uncertainty with God as to whether the people would truly listen or was this for Jeremiah’s benefit?

           d. Did God want to devastate Jerusalem, Judah, and the people?

           e. Was Jeremiah successful in doing what God commanded?

           f. What was the message he prophesied and what was the significance of “Shiloh?”

              (1 Sam 1-4)

           *Shiloh destroyed by Philistines about 1050 B.C.


II.What Shall We do about Jeremiah (vs. 8-24)

a. How well was Jeremiah’s message received?

b. How united in their desires against Jeremiah were all the people?

c. Now in the hot seat…does Jeremiah soften or change the message?

d. “Certain of the elders” spoke calm into the situation…how?

e. In a point / counter point style some called for calm while others used anecdotal evidence to call for Jeremiah's       death.  What was the 'valid' reason they were advocating for killing Jeremiah?

f. In accordance to God’s promise to Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:8) and by the wisdom of Ahikam the son of Shaphan…what was the outcome for Jeremiah?

III.Application:  Jeremiah was called to a very difficult ministry... to appeal to his own people to repent.  If they would not repent God would discipline His own people to cause them to return.  How does the Lord’s exhortation to Jeremiah speak to us as well ‘to not diminish one word?

  February 2020