Division of the Land Part Seven

The Division of the Land (Part 7)
Joshua 19:1-31

I.    Simeon’s Inheritance (with Judah) (vs. 1-9) 
a. What was Jacob’s blessing on Simeon (Genesis 49:5-7)? __________ __________________________________________________________
b. Why is their inheritance within Judah’s? _______________________
c. Whose city is Ziklag (see Josh 15:31 and 19:5)? ________________
d. What reason is given (vs. 9) for their inheritance being in Judah? _
e. Was Jacob’s blessing also prophetic? _________________________
II.    Zebulun’s Inheritance (vs. 10-16)  
a. How did Jacob bless Zebulun in Genesis 49:13? ________________ _________________________________________________________ 
b. Where does their inheritance fall among the other tribes? _________ _________________________________________________________
c. Did Zebulun’s inheritance include coastline along the sea? _______ 

III.    Issachar’s Inheritance (vs. 17-23)
a.  How does Jacob bless Issachar (Genesis 49:14-15)?   ____________ _________________________________________________________
b.  Where is Issachar’s inheritance among the tribes of Israel? _______

IV.    Asher’s Inheritance  (vs. 24-31)
a.  How does Jacob bless Asher (Genesis 49:20)?   _______________ _________________________________________________________
b.  What does Jacob’s blessing reveal about Asher’s vocational direction? _______________________________________________
c. Where does Asher receive her inheritance? __________________
V.    Application:  Are character traits permanent or can they be changed?

____________________  Jacob started out as a deceiver but did his

character change when he wrestled with the Lord (Joshua 32:22-32)  _____

The children of Israel were “blessed” by Jacob but some of the character

seems seriously flawed.  Was their character set or could they too have changed? ____________________________________________________________
If so what would it take? ________________________________________

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