David Spares Saul: October 7, 2021

David Spares Saul

1 Samuel 24:1-22


I. The Cave at En Gedi (vs. 1-7)

a. How long does it take for Saul to resume hunting David after he deals with the Philistines?


b. Where does Saul go in search for David and why there?


c. Why does Saul enter the cave near the sheepfolds?


d. Why would Saul have been especially vulnerable?


e. What do David’s men counsel him to do?


f.  What does David do instead?


g. Why does David express grief over what he does?


h. Is it significant that David restrained his men?


  1. David Appeals to Saul (vs. 8-15)

a. When Saul exits the cave how quickly does David follow and speak to him?


b. What words or actions on David’s part show respect and honor?


c. Does David recognize that Saul is being egged on by others?


d. What is the main example that David offers Saul to prove his fidelity to Saul?


e. Who does David call to Judge between he and Saul?


f. Who does David state could avenge him against Saul?


g. Does David trust the Lord to deliver him from Saul?



  1. Saul Responds to David (vs. 16-22)
  1. In what surprising and tender way does Saul answer David?

b. Does Saul recognize David’s righteousness and his own sin?


c. What other recognition does Saul pronounce that even Jonathan has recognized?


 d. Why would David not return with Saul after this encounter?



IV.  Application:  Does David embrace the declaration of God, “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay declares the Lord?”  Why must we also embrace this same heart and mind?


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