David on the Run from Saul: September 30, 2021

David on the Run from Saul

1 Samuel 23:1-29

I. David Rescues the City of Keilah (vs. 1-13)

a. When David hears the Philistines are attacking Keilah what is David’s first place of inquiry?


b. Does it seem odd that David, who is being pursued by Saul, would feel an obligation to come to the aid of this city?



c. What counsel does the Lord give both times?



d. After David defeats the Philistines and saves Keilah what tactical error does Saul assume David has made?



e. When David consults the Lord again to determine if the people of Keilah would protect him what does the Lord reveal?


f.  What does David do with this knowledge from the Lord?



g. How many men does David have now?

II.  In the Strongholds (vs. 14-25)


a. Where do David and his men flee to after Keilah? 


b. How relentless was Saul in pursuing David?



c. What does verse 16 indicate by, “Jonathan…strengthened his (David’s) hand in the Lord?”


d. Do the Ziphites show any regard for David and his men?



e. Why might these Israelites be so quick to turn on David?



f. What prompts David to flee next to the Wilderness of Maon?




III. David Escapes Saul Again (vs. 26-29)   

        a.  How close does Saul get to capturing David in Maon?

        b. What diverts Saul away from David that affords him an escape?

        c. Where does David flee next?



IV.  Application: 
Who is showing more “kingly” compassion for the people of Israel at this point Saul or David?

        How much love does David get at this point for his intervention(s)?

        When will this intervention pay off for David? 



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