Counting the Cost ~ Luke 14:25-35 (10-4-2018)

Counting the Cost 
Luke 14: 25-35

I.    If Anyone Comes to Me and Does Not Hate… (vs. 25-27)
a. The multitudes that “went with” Jesus…do you think they all were true disciples? ____________________________________________
b. What challenging word does Jesus share with the multitude? ______ _________________________________________________________ 
c. Is the word “hate” in this challenge what it sounds like? __________ _________________________________________________________
How do you know?  ________________________________________
d. The statement about “bear his cross”…what does Jesus mean by this? _________________________________________________________
e. Was Jesus trying to dissuade people from following Him? ________ _________________________________________________________
What was His purpose for what he told the multitude? ______________ __________________________________________________________

II.    Counting the Cost (vs. 28-33)
a.    Building on Jesus’ first statements to the multitude He uses an example

in one building a tower…How does this relate? __________________  ________________________________________________________   
b.  Does the example really have anything to do with building? ______ Even

though this is not intended for it are the principles valid for the builder? ________________________________________________  
c. What is the downside to not being able to “finish what you start?” ________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. In the example of the king making war…is the purpose of the example

any different? _______________________________________________ 

III.    If the Salt has Lost its Flavor (vs. 34-35)
a. In the ancient world what were some valuable uses for salt? _______ _________________________________________________________
b. Because salt had value what might be the temptation of unscrupulous

merchants? __________________________  What is the downside to adding

‘fillers’ to the salt? ___________________________________
c. What value does salt have that has lost its saltiness? _____________
d. What is the application here for Christians? ___________________

IV.    Application:  When a believer has counted the cost and follows anyway

is there any turning back? ____________________________________________

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