Correct Me...Not In Your Anger ~ Jeremiah 10:1-25

I.  Idols VS. God (vs. 1-10)

a. What imperative is Israel being warned about in verse 2 and Whose Word is it?

b. What are the ‘signs of heaven’ that the Gentiles are dismayed at?

c. What are verses 3-5 describing?

d. What important contrast is made in verses 6-10 and what is the point that is made?

II. He is the Maker of All Things (vs. 11-16)

a. What will become of all the ‘gods’ that have not made the heavens and the earth?  (compare with Gen 1:1)

b. How did God create the heavens and earth?

c. Not only did He create everything that is what else does this passage remind the reader that God is presently doing?

d. Why were the metalsmiths put to shame?

e. Who is the “Portion of Jacob” described in verse 16?

III. I Will Throw Out…the Inhabitants (vs. 17-25)

a. What is the meaning of verses 17-18?

b. Verse 19 shifts to Jeremiah’s perspective…how was this prophetic message affecting him?

c. Why would Jeremiah mention even the shepherds have become dull-hearted and have not sought the Lord?

d. Babylon will come from the north.  What confession does Jeremiah offer?

e. How does Jeremiah ask God to correct him (Israel)?

f. Who does Jeremiah specifically ask God’s fury to be poured out on?

IV. Application:  How is God’s justice satisfied that we can find grace and mercy?

  June 2020  
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