Conduct Becoming ~ 1 Peter 3:1-22 5/17/2017


1 Peter 3:1-22

I.   Wives (vs. 1-6)
a. How are wives to relate to their own husbands? __________________ ___________________________________________________________
b. What is the exhortation toward wives with unbelieving husbands and

why? ____________________________________________________________
c. What does this passage point out is most valuable…appearance or

content? __________________________________________________________
d. Although directed toward wives does this admonition on ‘adornment’

also apply to all believers? _________________________________________

e. What example does Peter use to illustrate his point? _______
II.  Husbands (vs. 7)
a. Peter instructs husbands to dwell with their own wives with

understanding (Greek) gnosis = knowledge, wisdom.   Is this ‘knowledge’

intuitive or learned? __________________________________________________ 
b. “Giving honor to the wife” is properly rendered viewing her as precious

and esteeming her.  Is the man's role as spiritual leader diminished in

any way by esteeming his wife as precious? ________________________________

c. As believers what is the great equalizing factor expressed in this

passage we must bear in mind? ______________________________________________
d. Why does the Scripture tell husbands to conduct themselves this way? ____

III.  All of You (vs. 8-22)
a. What exhortations are instructed in verses 8-9? ________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
b. What common ground do we see in this passage and Romans 12:17-21? __ _______________________________________________________________
c. Vs. 13 asks a question.  Is there one who would harm you for becoming a

follower of what is good? (John 10:10) ___________________________________ 
d. What of value do we lose when we suffer for righteousness sake? _______ ______________________________________________________________
e. We are instructed to always be ready with an answer to anyone who asks

a reason for our hope.  What is this Hope? _______________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
f. Is there any benefit for suffering as an evildoer? ______________________
g. What example did Christ give us to follow in suffering? _________________
h. Did Jesus go to hell and preach to the lost from Noah’s generation or did

the Spirit of Christ preach through Noah in his own generation? ____________

IV.  Application:  Does baptism save us? Is Peter’s point different than

Paul’s in Romans 6:1-4? ____________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________________

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