Comforting Words ~ 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11

I.  Be Knowledgeable (vs. 13-18)

a. What does Paul want the Thessalonian believers to know about those who have died in Christ?

b. Does Paul state that believers don’t grieve?

c. How does this passage support the teaching of a “rapture?”

d. When believers come into the Lord’s presence how long will they remain with Him?

II.  Be Aware (vs. 1-8)

a. What things were these believers already aware of that really didn’t require Paul to tell them again?

b. What is the contrast that Paul presents between children of light and darkness?

c. What exhortation for how we live does this passage hold for believers?

d. Where in Scripture do we see verse 8 echoed? (see Eph. 6:11-17)                                                                                                   

III.  Be Comforted (vs. 4:18, 5:9-11)

a. What does it mean, “God did not appoint us to wrath?”

b. How are we comforted in knowing that Christ’s atoning death means that whether we live or die…we will live together with Jesus?

c. In verse 4:18 and 5:11 we are exhorted to comfort each other…why are we to comfort (encourage) and edify (build each other up)?

IV.  Application:   In considering “end times” things we recognize there are events and timelines that we don’t fully comprehend.  What in all of this even with the possibility of not understanding everything perfectly can we rest on and take comfort in that we can all agree on?

  January 2020