Christ is Risen ~ 1 Corinthians 15:1-34


I.  FALSE DOCTRINE  (vs. 12-19)

a.  What were some saying that was contrary to what Paul was preaching?

b.  Why does Paul so aggressively defend the bodily resurrection of Christ?

c. What does Paul state would be the result (if) Christ had not really risen? 

II.    RESURRECTION PROMISE (vs. 1-11, 20-28)

a.  Does Paul seem in any way doubtful about the resurrection of Christ?

b.  What comparison does Paul make between Adam and Jesus?

c.  Paul reveals the order of end time events beginning with the resurrection of Christ.  What is the order?

III.  WAKE UP  (vs. 29-34)

a.  What is baptism symbolic of to believers?

b.  Why would baptism be pointless if there were no resurrection?

c.  What reason for living a disciplined life is there if there is no resurrection?

d.  “Evil company corrupts good habits.”  What does Paul use this proverb in this context?

e.  Paul states it is time for the Corinthians to wake up because there are still those who don’t believe.  Was he being harsh? 

IV.  ApplicationHow important is a real resurrection to you?



  July 2020  
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