Cast Them Out ~ Jeremiah 15:1-21

I.  Four Forms of Destruction  (vs. 1-9)

a. What does the Lord state He would not do even if Moses or Samuel were interceding for this people?  Why Moses and Samuel?

b. What has the Lord purposed for Judah?

c. Who does the Lord hold especially responsible for the sins of Jerusalem?

d. What does it mean that the Lord is “weary of relenting?”

e. What will happen to Judah?

II.  My Anger (vs. 10-18)

a. In verse 10 Jeremiah pleads on the basis of his righteousness …how does the Lord answer that in verses 11-14?

b. Verses 15-18 Jeremiah does not want to suffer the discipline purposed for Judah…what three reasons make up his plea?

c. What does Jeremiah accuse God of at the end of verse 18?

III.  If You Return… (vs. 19-21)

a. What would be another way of saying “if you return” and what is implied?

b. What was Jeremiah in jeopardy of losing?

c. If Jeremiah would repent how would God use him?

d. What amazing promise offered in verse 20 counters the faltering faith of the prophet spoken in verse 18?

e. Which hand of the wicked will the Lord deliver Jeremiah from?

IV. Application:  How should this passage help us when our faith falters and we begin to believe that God has been unfair?

  June 2020  
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