Bonds and Yokes ~ Jeremiah 27:1-22



I. The Symbolic Message of the Yokes and Bonds (vs. 1-8)

a. Verse 1 indicates the prophesy came during the tenure of Jehoiakim king of Judah but verse 3 states Zedekiah was king. How can you reconcile this?

b. Who was this message directed at…and who was it for?

           c. How was Jeremiah’s call in Jeremiah 1:5 put on display in this passage?

           d. What was the meaning of this symbolic prophecy?

           e. How does God refer to Nebuchadnezzar?

II. Do Not Listen… (vs. 9-15)

a. Who were Judah and the surrounding nations listening to about what to do and what was going to happen?

b. Every other message other than Jeremiah’s was what? 

c. If the nations would willingly serve Nebuchadnezzar where would they live?

d. If the nations rebelled what would happen to them?

III. To The Priests (vs. 16-22)

a. What specific things of interest to the priests were the false prophets speaking presumptuously?  What was the appeal especially for the priests?

b. Were all the vessels of the temple already carried away to Babylon?

c. What had God spoken through Isaiah in the days of Hezekiah that the priests were willfully ignoring (Isaiah 39:1-6)?

d. What does the Lord promise He would do concerning the temple objects (in His time)?

IV. Application:  The people in Jeremiah’s day wanted to do what they wanted, how they wanted, for as long as they wanted…without consequences.  Has human nature changed?   What spiritual application can you see in surrender leading to life or rebellion leading to destruction?


  June 2020  
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