Bildad Responds Again - Job 18:1-21 * Wed. 11-15-17


Job 18:1-21


I.      When Will You Stop Talking? (vs. 1-4) 

a. What two things does Bildad ask and state in verse 1 and are these things up-lifting or demeaning? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. Because Job defends his integrity and is explaining his suffering with his growing understanding of God his friends have  attacked him. What does he accuse in verse 2? ________________________________________________________________________________

c. What is Bildad’s interpretation of all Job’s laments until now? (vs. 4) _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

II.     His Own Counsel Casts Him Down (vs. 5-15)

a. What does Bildad mean by, “the light of the wicked indeed goes out?” _________________________________________________________  b. Are the things spoken against “the evil” by Bildad true of what will become of those without God? _______________________________ If so when? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

c. What is the mistake that Bildad and his friends are making regarding Job (or anyone else for that matter)? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

          III.   The Place of Him Who Does Not Know God… (vs. 16-21)

a. What is the imagery in verse 16 the root and the branches are dried up and withered? ____________________________________________


b. What is one evidence that Job is NOT in the category of those being described in verse 17? _____________________________________


c.  Bildad speaks of the wicked suffering all these things and who is the one he has chosen to see in this role? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

d. Is Job comforted by anything Bildad speaks? _________________________________________________________________________________


IV.  Application:   Like Bildad we can make judgments about people based on our own thoughts and perceptions. Why is it imperative we love and comfort those who are suffering and leave the judgment and execution of judgment to God? _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Does this mean we condone, affirm, or enable people in their sin? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

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