Bildad Counsels Job - Job 8:1-22 * Wed. 9-6-17


Job 8:1-22


I.      If You Were Pure… (vs. 1-7) 

a. Bildad takes exception to Job’s confession that he isn’t being punished for sin…how does Bildad express this? _________________  ____________________________________________________________

b. Is there any fault in what Bildad states in verse 3? __________________________________________

c. What is Bildad declaring about Job’ sons? ________________________________________________


d. Bildad equates righteousness to material prosperity…is this idea validated in Scripture? ______________________________________________________________________________                                       


II.     Inquire… (vs. 8-19)

a. What source does Bildad tell Job to inquire to validate his position? _______________________________________________________________________________ 

b. Is the heart a good reliable source from which to draw truth? ___________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________ (Jeremiah 17:9)

c. Bildad then sources his “wisdom” from nature…the papyrus without water withers first, the spiders web is too frail to rely on, and a poorly built house that collapses when one leans on it.  Even the lush vine is easily uprooted and forgotten as others spring up to take their place. True observations but are they applicable to Job’s situation? ________ _________________________________________________________________________


III.   God Blesses the Good and Casts Away the Wicked…  (vs. 20-22)

a. Bildad is very confident of his views on the immediacy of God punishing the wicked and blessing the righteous…does his confidence and enthusiasm make him right?  ___________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

b. Ultimately, we know that God will punish evil and reward His people…does God do it now or as part of end things? _________________________________________________________________________________


c. What does Bildad state is in Job’s future and on what basis? _____________________________________



IV.  Application:   Like Eliphaz, Bildad holds to a retribution theology.  That is that in this life God blesses the righteous and causes the wicked to suffer.  Both men trusted in what their own hearts told them that this was true.  Why must the Word of God always take precedence over our own hearts? ____________________________________________




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