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May 2019



Family picture with Mimi and Papa before they returned to Oregon


"Yet You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, You
are the potter; we are all the work of Your hand."
Isaiah 64:8

"Do you want to go to a fabric store? There's a Muslim man we like to buy fabric from; we think he gives us a good deal and we've been able to start sharing the Gospel with him."

When our teammates in Kara, Togo asked us that question, I vehemently responded quickly with, "Yes! We'd love to!" So off we went towards town, winding through dirt roads and past small houses, kids playing outside, and goats meandering in yards.

The man's fabric store was small - maybe 6 feet by 10 feet - and dimly lit by a single hanging light bulb. The many layers of fabric were primarily illuminated by the already hot sunshine streaming through the open door. I started scanning the wooden racks, finally settling on a pink and orange piece of striped material with zebras and fun patterns on it. "Perfect to make skirts for Ruth and Clara!" I announced as he pulled it down, gave the price, and folded it up.


Looking around our new friend's fabric store


Turning to our teammates, the man asked why we were there. White people are not a common site in west Africa, much less in this town, located hours north of the capital and primary airport. We told him we were there because we love Jesus and want to tell others about Him.

Our teammate talked with him more in French, ending with this astonishing Truth: "God is our Father," she said. "We are His children, brothers and sisters. He is our Father."

The man stared at her before he started laughing, shaking his head in disbelief. "God is not your Father. There is no way. That is impossible," he announced. And despite our teammate's attempts to help him understand the Truth, his ears were deaf and his heart hardened.

He did not understand.

Our site visit to Togo this month opened our eyes to many ministry opportunities. But even more so, we saw that countless people in Togo are like this Muslim man: deaf and blind to the Truth, so desperate for a Good Father to call their own.

We have so many wonderful stories and encouraging things to share about our site visit, but we also keep thinking about that man in the fabric store who needs to know the Gospel. Pray with us for spiritual fruit to come from the fields in Togo.








This month, we praise God for...

  • An encouraging site visit! We loved our time in Togo with our teammates. From the nurses and doctors who helped Allen while he was in the hospital in Tsiko to everyone who drove us, fed us, and hosted us... Thank you!
  • Melissa's mom and dad who stayed with Ruth and Clara while we were overseas for two weeks (and who joined us in the photo above).
  • The opportunity to share at our sending church and partners about what God is doing in West Africa and in our lives.
  • A successful yard sale that raised almost $3,000 for our Outfit and Passage.





During our site visit, we...

  • ... drove up and down nearly the whole length of Togo (and marveled at how beautiful it is);
  • ... toured markets in Kara and Kpalime (and a pharmacy after a mouse chewed a hole in the tip of Hudson's baby bottle);
  • ... enjoyed some intense and cooling rain storms that lasted about an hour (the rainy season was just starting while we were there!);
  • ... met with a local pastor and his wife to discuss ministry needs;
  • ... and made friends everywhere we went. Hudson was Mr. Popular with all the Togolese ladies and kids!




Coming Up

We are planning another Partner Get Together this Saturday, June 1st at 6:30pm at our house. Save the date and join us for s'mores in our backyard! Allen is teaching the missions class at VBS the first week in June. And we are spending the summer working on ABWE assignments and partnership development.


Pre-Field Update

God has provided about 62% of our monthly need and over 40% of our Outfit & Passage (O&P) need! Our goal is to be at 85% of our monthly need by mid-October to we can attend our final round of ABWE training in November.


Team Update

As the outcome of various conversations, research findings, and legal requirements, the Togo South Team decided not to move forward with opening an orphanage in Kara. Instead, our family will focus on training believers to reach village children through Bible Clubs, VBS, and other avenues in order to disciple the next generation of believers.




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