June 2019


Typical summer evening: tired kids and messy faces!


Matthew 9:27-30
27 As Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed him, calling out, “Have mercy on us, Son of David!” 28 When He had gone indoors, the blind men came to Him, and He asked them, Do you believe that I am able to do this?“Yes, Lord,” they replied. 29 Then He touched their eyes and said, According to your faith let it be done to you”; 30 and their sight was restored.

audacious: adj.; showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks

We recently set an audacious goal: to be at 85% of our monthly need by mid-October so that we can attend our final ABWE training in November and be cleared for language school by the fall of 2020. But at times, that goal feels too big: too impossible and too out-of-reach for us to attain.

Then I read
Matthew 9:27-30 this month, shortly after thinking about (and feeling overwhelmed by) this audacious goal. And I was struck by Jesus' response to the blind men's audacious ask... and by their response to His returning question.

These two men boldly asked Jesus for mercy. They just called out, perhaps surprising those around them in the crowd with their shouting, but never surprising Jesus. And they just kept following him, right inside, until He finally addressed them. Talk about bold. Talk about a risk. Talk about surprising!

And all Jesus says (more or less) is, "
Do you really think I can do it?" Jesus saw their boldness, their risk, their audacity. But He wanted to make sure we saw the men's faith.

Their response was alarmingly simple to me: "Yes, Lord." When I read that, I felt as if the men were shocked that He asked, like they had a feeling of, "Why would we be hounding You and following You and calling out to You boldly if we didn't think You could do it? Of course we believe You can do it!"

So Jesus does, according to their faith. He restores their sight completely, based on their complete (perhaps audacious?) faith.

I love that. I love that picture of these two blind men who set an outrageous and audacious goal: to be healed by Jesus, Son of David, that very day. So they find Him as He is leaving someone's house and they follow Him, yelling out for mercy, trying to get His attention, even following Him back inside. Their faith drove them to the One who could fulfill that audacious goal. And so He did.

Our goal is not too big or too impossible or too out-of-reach for Jesus, Son of David. So I'll spend the next 4 months boldly, audaciously, calling out to Him for mercy, following Him (even inside!), until He asks, "Do you really think I can do it?" And I'll simply respond, "Yes, Lord." Will you join us in that audacious ask?

For the third or fourth year in a row, Allen taught the Missions Class at Vacation Bible School at Fairview Loop Baptist. In addition to showing the regular missions videos produced by Lifeway, Allen had a chance to share with the kids about our site visit to Togo and what God has called our family to do there. He let them play our djembe, showed pictures of our trip, and shared stories about our site visit.




This month, we praise God for...

  • The beautiful summer weather! Alaska is not known for being hot, but we have had such a nice month of 75*+ weather and sunny days.
  • The youth from our church coming to help split and stack firewood for the winter during their Hands and Feet Week. Hands and Feet Week is the 7 day "camp" during the summer when the middle and high school students focus on ministering to our church and community through various service projects.
  • Vacation Bible School and Allen's opportunity to share with the kids about serving in Togo while teaching the Missions Class.


In June, we...

  • ... took a quick Mommy and Son weekend trip to Oregon to visit Melissa's parents and grandparents;
  • ... played outside in the yard every chance we got (and planted potatoes to harvest in the fall!);
  • ... spent a weekend at our friend's cabin on a lake where we played in their club house, adventured in the woods, watched fish in the water, relaxed, ate good food, and enjoyed the sunshine; and
  • ... celebrated Hudson getting four teeth within three weeks and turning five months old!

Coming Up

We are spending the summer meeting with friends about partnership, working on our assignments that will help qualify us for Field Prep Seminar (our final ABWE training held in November), and enjoying the awesome summer weather!

Pre-Field Update

We are officially at 62% of our monthly need (but we have verbal commitments that take us above that level of support!). Simultaneously, God has provided 42% of our Outfit & Passage (O&P) need, which almost covers all of language school cost in France!

Team Update

We shared about last month's site visit on our blog and would love for you to read about it there. Our teammate Joan is meeting with the Togo team leaders this month to discuss what Grace House will be used for in the future. Please pray for wisdom for the leaders and for our family in knowing how to plug into that ministry.




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