Batts Abroad February 2020

Windmills of the Mind

February 2020



I shared this song with Allen earlier this month. We laughed and laughed at how it captures life right now so perfectly.

We are operating in three realities: the Here and Now, the This Summer, and the Future.

We are trying to live well here and now: teaching Sunday School, investing in relationships, wrapping up pre-field assignments, selling our home, going to training in Pennsylvania next month, etc.

We are also making big decisions about This Summer: buying a motorhome, leaving my job, teaching at VBS, driving out of Alaska, attending a supplemental language program in Tennessee, visiting family, etc.

And we are looking forward and planning for the Future: purchasing mattresses and other supplies, purchasing, packing, and storing our container, thinking about clothes for kids to grow into, etc.

There are days we spin and spin (like the windmills of our mind!). But we serve a God Who stops the winds and calms the spinning. He rejoices over us with singing and quiets us with His love. He leads and guides and protects.

And He places such sweet people in our lives who encourage us, pray for us, and walk beside us. Thank you.






In February, we...

  • Marched through deep snow to select a shipping container...
  • Took cute family pictures...
  • Bought mattresses for Togo...
  • Painted lots of pictures and read lots of books...
  • And maybe ate Cheerios off the ground.




Coming Up

We purchased our shipping container and are prayerfully waiting for documentation from China so it can be delivered to our house. Speaking of, we'll put our house on the market the end of next month, prior to leaving for a safety training and Field Prep Seminar (March 27-April 10ish).


Pre-Field Update

We are at 86% of our monthly support and 99% of our Outfit & Passage need. This is a huge praise - there's an opportunity for some immersion-style language learning this summer in Tennessee and our O&P will be able to cover that unexpected cost.


Team Update

The Togo Central Team is beginning to take shape; some teammates are finishing language school and our new team leaders are relocating from Mango to Kara. What an exciting time for us all to be engaged in God's global work!




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