Batts' Abroad February 2019

Seasons & Storms
February 2019



We had new family photos taken recently to welcome baby Hudson into our family!


James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the Heavenly Lights who does not change like shifting shadows.

Alaskans are funny. We live in this state, knowing full well that the winters are long and dark, that the snow will likely accumulate to several feet deep (either in our yards or in the plowed piles), and that our Christmas lights will stay up well past December 25th.

However, most Alaskans reach a point by early- to mid-February where we're kind of... done. We're over the long and dark winters, over the deep snow, over the lingering Christmas lights. And usually, around that time, another snow storm hits us right in the gut, right where it hurts, and reminds us that it's still winter and the joke was on us all along.

Our family has been in such a winter season. We reached our proverbial "early- to mid-February," thinking that the season of illness and difficulty and doctors appointments was behind us. And then another storm hit and we faced another round of the same.

But here in Alaska, around the time of that February snow fall, we start seeing signs of spring - little blessings that remind us that this season (though it is indeed long and dark) will end. We see swimsuits in the stores again, the winter boots and coats go on clearance, and irises show up in the floral department. Icicles start melting in the afternoon sun. And sand bags are slowly replaced with potting soil and seeds.

We've had similar little blessings this month, in the midst of our own long and dark season. Three precious ladies spent a Friday morning at our house helping us with laundry, dishes, and cleaning our floors. We received meals from co-workers, friends, and church family. We enjoyed heated leather seats in a new-to-us van that drove us safely from doctors appointment to doctors appointment. We received unexpected financial gifts to help cover various expenses. We had countless texts, phone calls, and messages with notes of encouragement. We even ordered new prayer cards that were a surprise 50% off (we'll start sending them out next month!).

All that to say: Man, this season can be long and dark and snowy. But those lingering Christmas lights may not be a bad thing after all. The smallest light shines brightest in the dark. God is so faithful, that in the middle of winter, He gives us those bright spots. In the middle of the dark, He surprises us with something that says, "I still see you and I'm still with you."

Thank you for blessing our family in this long and dark season. Thank you for praying for us, for encouraging us, for sending meals and texts and well wishes. Your lights so shined before us, we saw your good deeds, and we are glorifying our Father in heaven.



Answered Prayers

This month, we praise God for:

  • Providing a new-to-us vehicle for our family - a Honda Odyssey - making us officially mini-van people!
  • Providing financially for our site visit to Togo in May.
  • Allowing Melissa to have time off work over the crazy last month and a half.
  • Making our family healthy again, apart from a small infection. Doctors appointments are (mostly) just twice a week now (for Hudson's back) and we are so thankful for that.
  • The love of Christ that we have seen so clearly through our dear friends and family this month. We are blessed.





In February, we...

  • ... Played outside in the snow (but really yearned for spring).
  • ... Celebrated Valentine's Day with a family ice cream date.
  • ... Rejoiced that Hudson's ultrasound showed a perfectly formed and fully closed spine (and a cyst smaller than 1cm at his tailbone that should have no negative impacts on his development).
  • ... Said sad goodbyes to Mimi at the airport and started figuring out life as a family of five. We're still working on it ;)




Coming Up

Our partner get together will be on March 9th at 6:30pm - please join us at our house for dessert and an update about our 2019 timeline! If you can't make it, we'll post about our plans on our blog ( later in March. Contact us for our address and more information, if needed!


Pre-Field Update

Currently, we are at 54% of our monthly need and 30% of our Outfit & Passage (O&P) need! Our goal is to be at 75% of our monthly need by early May, prior to our site visit. We'd love for YOU to help make that goal come to fruition! Pray about how the Lord would have you partner with us.


Team Update

Tickets have been purchased and Allen, Melissa, and Hudson will be in Togo May 1-11 for our site visit! The goal of the site visit is to meet the Togo South team, learn more about ministry opportunities in Kara, Togo, and share about what ministries God has placed on our hearts, too.




A new video update is available on YouTube! This quick clip is ideal for showing to a congregation on Sunday, in a small group setting, or just if you want a kick out of how awkward we are on film. Enjoy!



Thank you for partnering with our family prayerfully and financially!
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