In Praise of Plodders

August 2019



The family that plods together, stays together.


If July was a month for pushing, August was a month for plodding.

In July, we reached some audacious goals by the grace of God. We made good connections with friends and family. We saw God provide in literally miraculous ways.

And in August, we plodded.

Yes, the Lord did great things (that's what He does, after all). He kept our family healthy. He provided for our van to be repaired. He continued to bring new partners onto our team. But more than anything, it felt like this verse summed us up better than any other:

Galatians 6:9
"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

We've been on pre-field for about 17 months now. That's 17 months of plodding as we pray and ask God to move on our behalf, to devleop the team He has in mind for us. And y'all, it would be so easy to become weary.

We are so encouraged to know that, even in the plodding, God is growing something under the surface. We can't see it yet, but in His timing, it'll pop up and bloom.

Lord, help us be faithful and not grow weary.



Our August newsletter video is live on YouTube! In addition to featuring some relevant updates, you can see us go all parent-mode as we tell our kids to stop playing with sticks. Watch it here!




This month, we praise God for...

  • A great visit with Melissa's family in Oregon for her grandfather's memorial service
  • Warm fall weather (totally out of character for Alaska!)
  • Continuing to provide for our monthly support and Outfit & Passage





In August, we...

  • ... jumped in the hotel pool over and over and over
  • ... had Hudson dedicated to the Lord at church
  • ... enjoyed lots of time playing outside
  • ... and prayed for rain as Alaska's wildfires burned (there are usually mountains in that picture, but the smoke was so thick, they were completely obscured)




Coming Up

Ruth is so excited to start preschool in mid-September; she'll be going twice a week throughout the school year. We are striving to attend training in November and balancing that with school (Allen), work (Melissa), family life, and ministry. We will start teaching an adult Sunday School class in September as well.


Pre-Field Update

We are officially at 72% of our monthly need! It is still our goal to reach 85% in time to attend Field Prep Seminar in November - please pray with us for God's timing and team to come together! God has also provided 64% of our Outfit & Passage (O&P) need. We are less than $100 short of having both our language school and a vehicle fully funded.


Team Update

Our teammate, Jane, is currently state-side on furlough. Joan, another teammate, is traveling throughout West Africa this fall, then returning to the states in November. Teammates in Togo just hosted a Pastor's wives retreat and some teacher training. It is so exciting to see the work they are doing and how God is blessing it. You can read more about our team here!





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