Baruch and the Scroll...Take 2 ~ Jeremiah 36:27-32

Jeremiah 36:27-32

I.    Take yet another scroll… (vs. 27-28) 
a. What was Baruch’s involvement with Jeremiah? _______________
b. After the first scroll was written (which took 9-23 months) what had

Jehoiakim done with it? _____________________________________ _________________________________________________________
c. What did the Lord instruct Jeremiah to do? ____________________ _________________________________________________________  
d. What was this second scroll to contain? _______________________
II.    Jehoiakim rebuked (vs. 29-31)
a. Why did the king destroy the original scroll? ___________________ _________________________________________________________ 
b. Did God dismiss Jehoiakim’s action of burning the scroll (the Word of

God)? ____________________________________________________
c. What pronouncement of judgment do we see in vs. 30 that was

expressed in Jeremiah 22:24-30? ______________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. When Jehoiakim obstinately rebelled against the Lord did his sin affect

anyone else? ______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________
e. Was Jehoiakim alone in not listening to God’s warnings? _________

III.    The second scroll  (vs. 32)
a. At the Lord’s command what did Jeremiah do? __________________ __________________________________________________________
b. What part did Baruch play? _________________________________

c. What was the content on the scroll and can we still be certain we know

what it contained? __________________________________________ 
d. Was this scroll an exact duplicate of the first scroll? _____________ 

IV.    Application:  Is God’s will / Word be made of no effect by men

ignoring or trying to destroy it? _________________________________

___ Obviously God is not harmed by these actions …who is? ____________
How does this passage challenge us in our reverence for God and the things

of God? _______________________________________________________


  January 2020