Baruch and the Scroll ~ Jeremiah 36:1-26

Jeremiah 36:1-26

I.    Take a Scroll…and Write on It (vs. 1-10) 
a. Jehoiakim was Josiah’s son who reigned very shortly after Josiah.  

What was Jeremiah instructed to do in this passage? _______________
b. How can we be pretty certain we know the contents of the scroll? __ _________________________________________________________
c. Why did the Lord command Jeremiah to do this? _______________ _________________________________________________________  
d. Did Jeremiah have to work alone on this project? _______________
e. What was to be the completion of this project and was Jeremiah successful? __________________________________________________________
II.    The Scroll is Read… (vs. 11-19)
a. What seems to be the initial reaction at the reading of the scroll by the princes? _________________________________________________ 
b. Did they know of Jeremiah’s involvement with this prophecy? _____
c. Who did they want to hear this scroll? _________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. Why would they tell Baruch and Jeremiah to hide? ______________ ________________________________________________________

III.    Jehoiakim Burns the Scroll  (vs. 20-26)
a. Were Jeremiah or Baruch present when the scroll was read to the king? ____________________________________________________
b. What did Jehoiakim do with the scroll and why? _______________

c. Is there any indication that any in the court were in dissent over the

destruction of the scroll? _____________________________________ 
d. How does verse 24 reveal the general attitude about God’s prophetic

warning to Judah / Jerusalem? _________________________________ 
e. If the king of Judah was not going to heed God’s warning who else in

Judah would not heed God’s warning? _________________________
f. Why were Jeremiah and Baruch not arrested at this time? _________

IV.    Application:  How was God’s grace on display in this passage and

does God offer us warnings of destruction and the way to forego

judgment and destructon? _______________________________________


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