Barnabas & Saul's New Direction Acts 12:25-13:1-12


Acts 12:25-13:1-12


I.                The Church at Antioch (vs. 25-13:3)

a. What were Saul and Barnabas doing in Jerusalem? _______________ ______________________________________________(Acts 11:29-30)

b. Who do they bring with them back to Antioch? ___________________


c.  The Antioch church was pretty well set up with leaders.  Who is listed and what can we determine from their names? _____________________


d. By what means did the church come to understand God had a different ministry for Barnabas and Saul? ________________________________ __________________________________________________________

e. When they knew what the Holy Spirit was directing what does the church do? _________________________________________________


II.              Ministering on Cyprus (vs. 5-19)

a. Who does Barnabas and Saul see as sending them out…the church or ??? ________________________________________________________

b. Selucia was a seaport…why go there? ___________________________ ___________________________________________________________

c. Does the passage indicate they had a clear destination in mind? ______


d. In Salamis where do they preach the Gospel? _____________________


e. John Mark was with Barnabas and Saul.  What role was he to play? __ ___________________________________________________________

f. What does this passage tell us about the man Bar-Jesus? ____________


g. How does Bar-Jesus (a Jew) chosen vocation mesh with Scripture? ___

____________________________ (Exodus 22:18, Deuteronomy 18:9-10)

h. What can we determine about the proconsul by his name? __________ __________________________________________________________

i. What did Sergius Paulus want? ________________________________


j. At this point was there any obstacle to sharing the Gospel with Gentiles?


k. What reasons would Bar-Jesus have for obstructing the proconsul from coming to faith? _____________________________________________

l. What was the thing that cemented the Gospel message and caused the proconsul to believe?  _________________________________________


III. Application: Does the Holy Spirit still call out people for His service today? _________ If He does what is the only acceptable response? ___________________


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