At Antioch in Pisidia ~ Acts 13:13-41 May 21, 2017

At Antioch in Pisidia (in Modern day Turkey)
Acts 13:13-41

I.    If You Have Any Word of Exhortation… (vs. 13-16)

a. Early on in their first missionary journey what change does verse 13 reveal…and was

it significant? ____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ (Acts 15:36-37)
b. Were Paul and Barnabas disruptive to the normal synagogue meeting? 
________________________________________________ __________
c.  Who suggests that Paul and Barnabas share? _____________________
d. How does Paul’s sermon reveal he knows his audience? __________ __________________________________________________________
e. Is there a possibility that there were some who were not yet Jews present? ________________________________________________

II.    Preaching in the Synagogue (vs. 17-41)

a. Where does Paul begin his Gospel presentation and why there? _____ __________________________________________________________ 
b. What affirming words would the audience hear in verse 17? _________ ___________________________________________________________
c. What critical (but true) words in verse 18? _________________ _____
d. What is Paul relating in verses 17-23? __________________________
e. How does Paul transition in verse 23? __________________________ ___________________________________________________________
f. In what way doe Paul connect Christ to the words of the prophets? ____
g. How does Paul make the Gospel presentation personal in vs. 26? _____
h. What elements of the Gospel does Paul include in his sermon? _______ __________________________________________________________
i. What is significant about what Paul shares in verses 33-35, 41? _____ ___________________________________________________________
j. What word of warning does Paul conclude his sermon with in verse 40-41? _________________________________________________________ 

III. Application: When we have an opportunity to witness to someone and share the

Gospel why is it important to have an understating of what they already know?  ____________________________________________________________


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