And The Place...Was Shaken ~ Acts 4:23-37


I.  Let Go (vs. 23-28)

a. Looking back at what immediately preceded their release why does the Scripture state they let them go?

b. Considering that the disciples had until just recently been constrained by fear…how would their release embolden all the disciples?  

c. In their prayer of praise the disciples see a fulfillment of Psalm 2:1-3.  What vain thigs had the people plotted?

        d. How do Peter and the other disciples see the sovereignty of God at

            work using the Jews, Gentiles, and Herod etc. for His purpose?

II. Make Us Bold (vs. 29-37)

a. Do the disciples ask that the threats be removed or something else?

b. What purpose do the accompanying signs and wonders serve that are asked in verse 30?

c. How does the Lord respond to the prayers of the disciples?

d. I states that “they were all filled with the Holy Spirit” this is now the second time…how many times can one be filled with the Holy Spirit?

e. How many times is one “baptized” into the Spirit (saved) (1 Corinthians 12:13?

f. What was the evidence that they had been filled with the Holy Spirit here?

g. How would you describe the actions of the multitude of disciples as pertains to their personal possessions?

h. Barnabas was mentioned as an example of generosity but what else is noteworthy in light of Scripture (Number 18:20, 24, Deuteronomy 10:9)?

i. What did Barnabas do with the proceeds of his land sale?

III. Application:  We are baptized once in the Holy Spirit which is the point of our salvation.  We are commanded to be filled with the Holy Spirit (Spirit controlled) which should happen routinely for the believer. Why do believers need to be filled with the Holy Spirit?


   August 2019