Against The Nations: Philistia, Jeremiah 47:1-7


Jeremiah 47:1-7


I.                The Philistines(vs. 1-5)

*The Philistines lived on the coastal plain and were conquered by Egypt @ 587 B.C. but for their aggression towards Israel and their idolatry they fall under God’s punishment at the hands of the Babylonians / Chaldeans a year later 586 B.C.

a. How is the invading army of the Babylonians described in verse 2?  _______________________________________________________

b. How will the people respond to the overwhelming invasion? ____


c. Verse 3 gives an example of how desperate the people were.  For    fear what would the fathers do? _____________________________ _______________________________________________________ 

d. What was to become of all the Philistine cities (Tyre, Sidon, Ashkelon, Gaza, the region of Caphtor (Capadocia))?  ___________


e. The question to the Philistines at the end of verse 5, “how long     will you cut yourself?” What were they doing and why?  _________

_________________________________________(1 Kings 18:20-29)

 II.           An Appeal  (vs. 6)

a. Verse 6 is an appeal from the Philistines.  What do they want?


b. After their pleas to their pagan deity and ritualistic cutting etc          that went unanswered (vs. 1-5) Who are they asking now?  ________ _______________________________________________________

c. Is verse 6 an indication of repentance and a turning to the God of  Israel or just a desire for Him to stop the devastating invasion? ______________________________________________________

d. Where else have you seen the reference to “the sword of the Lord?”


 III.        Overruled (vs. 7)

a. Jeremiah personifies God’s judgment ‘the sword’ against Philistia  how does he respond to the appeal for quiet? ___________________


b. The invasion of Philistia was God’s judgment… what phrases in   verse 7 make this clear? ____________________________________


c. Although a Gentile nation that had persecuted God’s people and    were guilty of idolatry is there any examples in Scripture of God         relenting concerning judgment when they truly repented?__________



IV.    Application:  Why is repentance more than just wanting the pain to stop? _______________________________________________________


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