A Yoke Of Iron ~ Jeremiah 28:1-17


I.Act 1:  Hananiah (vs. 1-4)

a. In response to Jeremiah’s prophesy with the yokes and bonds in chapter 27 what does Hananiah tell Jeremiah in the presence of priests and all the people?

b. Who and what does he say will be restored in the space of two years?

            c. Were Hananiah’s words meant for Jeremiah or for the larger audience?

II. Act 2: Jeremiah’s Response (vs. 5-9)

a. Is Jeremiah’s response in verse 5-6 serious or sarcastic and how do you know?

b. Jeremiah states that many prophets who came before prophesied…many of wars etc. and some of peace.  How the prophet confirmed to be of the Lord?

c. What does Deuteronomy 18:20 state would happen to a prophet who presumes to speak for the Lord (when God has not told them)?  

III. Act 3:  Hananiah Digs in His Heels (vs. 10-11)

a. To further emphasize his words what does Hananiah do?

b. Is this a message that Jerusalem wanted to hear / believe?

IV. Act 4: Jeremiah is Obedient to the Lord (vs. 10-11)

           a. Does the Lord let Hananiah’s words and actions go unchallenged?

           b.  What is the prophecy to replace the wooden yokes and bonds and what is the symbolic emphasis?

           c. What special message doe God have for Hananiah?

           d. Does God prove faithful to His word (Deut. 18:20)?

V.Application:  What does this passage help us understand about rebellion and consequences?

  February 2020