A New Covenant ~ Jeremiah 31:23-40



I.Behold the days are coming… (vs. 23-30)

a. At a time when it would seem all hope is lost what word for Judah came to Jeremiah?

b. What is significant about verses 24-25 that relates to Judah’s future peace and security?

           c. The word and vision Jeremiah was given had a comforting effect on Jeremiah…how do we know?

           d. Although the Lord dealt with Judah harshly what would the coming days bring that would be different?


II.Behold the days are coming… (vs. 31-37)

a. What would set this “new covenant” apart from the “old covenant?”

b. Who would be included in this covenant community?

c. Why would there no longer need to be men teaching their neighbor to know the Lord?

d. What proof does the Lord offer as a promise that He will do what He says?

III.Behold the days are coming… (vs. 38-40)

a. After the destruction of Jerusalem why would verse 38 offer hope?

b. In what ways would this new “building” exceed the boundaries enjoyed by Judah in the past?

c. Land that had been spoiled by burying the dead would once again be holy to the Lord…how could this be possible?


IV.Application:  Jesus declared at the last supper that the cup served represented the “new covenant’ in His blood.   What is extended first to the Jew and also to the Greek by this New Covenant?


  February 2020