A Maggot and A Worm - Job 25: 1-6 * Wed. 1-10-18


Job 25:1-6                                                                                  (Bildad answers Job)


I.      His Power is Unlimited (vs. 1-3) 

a. Does it seem Bildad had a pretty fair understanding of the power of God? ____________________________________________________           b. By what means does Bildad seem to infer God “makes peace?”  _______________________________________________________________           c. The end of verse 3 may seem like a simple reference to God allowing the sun to shine on everyone…but considering the context  (His Power) what is a better understanding? _______________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________(Proverbs 15:3)

                 II.     How Can a Man be Righteous Before God (vs. 4-6)

a. Bildad asks some very good questions to which he assumes he knows the answer…but would you answer the same as he? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. How has the incarnation, the cross, and the empty tomb changed the answer to Bildad’s questions from hopelessness to   certainty? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

c. Bildad extends his analogy to the heavens and declares that the moon and stars are not even pure…so then how can man be.  When Adam and Eve sinned were even the heavens subjected to the curse?  _______________________________________________________(Rom 8:20-22)                                                                                                                                                                                                                    d. One of the only other reference to man as a “worm” is found in Psalm 22:6.  Who and what is described in Psalm 22? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

III.   Application:  Lest we become judgmental toward Bildad and Job’s other friends they did not yet have the whole of God’s redemptive plan or even His written word.  They did know some things about God and filled in the blanks with human perspective, experience, and observation.  Are the  sources that produced theological error in their time any less prone to error in our time? _______________________-_ Where MUST we seek truth that is absolute and enduring? ________________________


  January 2020