A Demonaic Delivered - Luke 8:26-39 * Thurs. 8-31-17


Luke 8:26-39


I.      A Divine Appointment (vs. 26-33)

a. What event immediately precedes Jesus arriving at the region of the Gadarenes? __________________________________________________________________

b. Who is the first person Jesus encounters there? _______________________________


c. What is the situation and how is it revealed? __________________________________


d. What place do the demons beg not to be sent to? _____________________________


e. Does “the pit” equate to hell as described in Matthew 25:41, Revelation 19:20, 20:10, 14-15? __________________________________________________________________


f. Does Scripture present hell as real literal place or merely a figure of speech or metaphorical                              place? _____________________________________________________________

g. Jesus casts the demons out of the man and allows them to go where?  __________________________________________________________________

h. What do the swine do? ________________________________________________



II.              Jesus Leaves a Powerful Witness (vs. 34-39)

a. The keepers of the swine would not have been Jews nor likely their city.  What did the people                                do when the event was told them? ___________________________________________


             b. What do they find when they come to see? ____________________________________


c. The demon possessed had no doubt caused much fear.  Why would finding the man clothed and                            in his right mind sitting at Jesus feet have caused them to be seized with great fear? _____________________________________________________________________


d. Why do you think they would ask Jesus to depart from their region? __________________________________________________________  (see also Lk 5:8)

e. What does the man who had been delivered want to do? ____________________________


f. Why would Jesus tell the man to go home as opposed to coming with Him? ______________________________________________________________________


III.  He Application:  How does this passage today help us understand that not all those delivered and                  saved will be called to serve the Lord in faraway places? __________________________________________________________________________


Do you think the delivered man would have been a powerful witness in his city? __________________________________________________________________________

  February 2020