A Certain Man had Two Sons. Luke 15:11-32 (10/17/18)

                     A Certain Man had Two Sons

Luke 15: 11-32

I.    A Rebellious / Lost Son (vs. 11-13)
a. Who are the cast of characters in this third parable in Luke 15? ___ ________________________________________________________
b. What is the significance of the younger son wanting his inheritance

while his father still lived?  __________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 
c. What did this son deserve and how does the father respond? _____ _________________________________________________________
d. What does this son do with his inheritance? ____________________ _________________________________________________________

II.    A Picture of Repentance / Forgiveness (vs. 14-24)
a.    What happens to the younger son’s possessions in the far country?    ________________________________________________________   
b.  What additional factors accelerated this man’s downfall? ________ _________________________________________________________  
c. How does the young man seek to solve the problem on his own? __ _________________________________________________________
d. Why did the father not send a stipend to this son in the far country?  ________________________________________________________
e. What was the turning point for the younger son and was it physical

or spiritual? _______________________________________________
f. Based on the young man’s attitude and words would you say he

repented? _________________________________________________
g. How does his father receive him? ____________________________ 

III.    An Obedient / Lost Son (vs. 24-32)
a. How does the older brother take the news of his brother’s return? __ _________________________________________________________
b. Why might he be indignant? _________________________________  
c. How does the father try to reconcile everyone? __________________
d. Is there any indication the older brother ever reconciles? _________
e. Who do the cast of characters represent? ______________________

IV.    Application:  Is it always obvious which person is the lost one?

______ Do we know which person will humble themselves, repent, and

be reconciled to God? _______________________ How does

2 Corinthians 5:20 fit with this parable? ___________________________

________________________________ ___________________________


  February 2020