A Branch of Righteousness ~ Jeremiah 23:1-20


I.The LORD Our Righteousness (vs. 1-8)

a. Who are the “Shepherds” and what does the Lord have against them?

b. In that they were not attending to God’s people what was the Lord going to do to them?

           c. Verses 3-4 speak to a regathering of God’s people…given the clues in the verses when do you think this will be                  accomplished?

            d. In contrast to the curse spoken against Coniah’s family line what

                does God say He would do for David (vs. 5)?

            e. Who is being described in verses 5-6?

            f. Is Christ portrayed as the Sacrificial Lamb or the Conquering King

                in this passage?

II.Prophet and Priest are Profane (vs. 9-14)

a. Who is overwhelmed in verses 9-10?

b. What caused so great a physical reaction?

c. Verses 11-14 shift to Whose perspective? 

d. What are the problems and what will the Lord do in response?

III. The Anger of the Lord Will not Turn Back (vs. 15-20)

a. What (pollution) were the “prophets” of Jerusalem spreading?

b. What does the Lord tell the people not to do and why?

c. The Lord asks a question in verse 18…who had done what He asks?

d. What is the “whirlwind” the Lord is describing in verses 19-20?

e. How certain is the Lord that He will do what He says?

IV. Application:  Do people professing to be Christians ever speak falsely as if they speak the truth of God’s word?  Can you think of an example that you have heard?

What is the danger of not confronting or warning about these false prophets?


  June 2020  
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